Hello, I’m Riki Tanone, an American expat currently living in New Zealand. I create products that resonate with their users.

I'm currently having a blast as a Lead Product Designer with the LIGR team!
My introduction to the creative world was in illustration. It was how I fell in love with the craft to create things that bring joy to others.

I have freelanced, worked in startups, worked in massive corporations, worked in agencies, and both failed and (mildly) succeeded with my own startups. I've worked individually, worked as part of a team, helped hire teams, and ran teams. I've been in this business long enough to have loved it and hated it in equal measure, but I have come out better from the industry's growing pains.



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Medical Prep

Online learning platform for medical students and professionals.

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SaaS Web App, Mobile App, Website, Branding

Activity Cloud


Activity Cloud

Data insights helping event organizers reach their customers.

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SaaS Web App


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If you want to collaborate on crafting a fun experience for people, please contact me. I'm also still waiting for my invitation to Hogwarts.

Don't be shy! Say hello@riki.co.nz.