Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

— Arthur C. Clarke

I am an American expat Product Designer living in the Shire with my wife and three children. I strive to bring a sense of joy in the products I create.


I focus primarily on web apps, mobile apps, and websites. Using data (and intuition where data lacks), I wireframe, pixel-push, iterate, and prototype with the singular goal of delighting the users as they connect with the product.

I also enjoy giving back to the design community in the form of freebie digital assets.


My introduction to the creative world was in illustration. It was how I fell in love with the craft to create things that bring joy to others.

I have freelanced, worked in a mom-n-pop shop, worked in a massive corporation, worked in an agency, and both failed and succeeded at startups. I've worked individually, worked as part of a team, helped hire teams, and ran a team. I've been in this business long enough to have loved it and hated it in equal measure and I have come out appreciative of how mature the industry is growing.

Design Process

My design process is fairly straightforward:

1. Discovery: I seek to understand the product, problem, and/or market through various research methods. Often this requires working closely with stakeholders, market experts, customer service, etc. My goal is to empathize with the potential end-users, seeking to understand and answer the why/what/when/where/who/how in context.

2. Experiment: Sketch, wireframe, prototype, hi-fi mockups, and of course iterate. Any/all of these methods are used to communicate the ideas behind the product. Iterate some more. Work with engineers to implement the product.

3. Analyze: Gather feedback and analyze behavioral data to improve the design.


I love all things related to tech and design (obviously). Outside of those, I love Red Sox baseball and Penn State football. I love libraries, reading nooks, hot chocolate in bed, and stories both magical and futuristic. I love books, comic books, movies, RPGs, and memorable quotes.