Online learning platform for medical students.

The Challenge

Medical students have a plethora of responsibilities, and not enough time to study for the most important exam of their profession. What little time they have for studying must be spent optimally on methods which work for them. All of the existing learning tools simply replicate the test experience, which provides limited benefits.


SaaS Web App, Mobile App,
Marketing Website, Branding


Co-Founder, Strategy, UI/UX Design

The Solution

Our team came in with the belief that the learning experience is and should be very different than the test-taking experience. Whereas our competitors saw their customers as test-takers, we saw them as students and our team sought to build a tool that was designed around the learning experience. It was made simple and fun to use, and allowed the customers to study on the go.

Learning Experience

Understanding that people have different preferences for their method of studying, we provided students with a variety of engagements to keep learning fresh and exciting.

Video Curriculum

A video-based curriculum took complex topics and distilled them into easy to understand fundamentals.

Twitter Quiz

Weekly medical quiz on Twitter and direct engagement with students, answering and explaining medical concepts.

Question Bank

The staple of exam practice is simply one of the many ways students can learn through Knowmedge.

On the Go

Flashcards, mnemonic features, and mobile apps allow students to study during their spare moments.


The Knowmedge flashcards applied spaced learning concepts to reinforce the understanding of medical concepts.


The mnemonics product helped students find easy ways to remember key concepts.

Mobile App

Between school and their medical jobs, a mobile app is a must-have, allowing medical students to study on the go.

Questions on the Go

The full breadth of the question bank is available on mobile.

Structured Learning

We developed a platform for Residency Program Directors to take our content and apply it in their own residency programs.


Teachers can hand out assignments to students, in group, or individually.


Specific questions can be assigned to students to help strengthen their understanding of key concepts.

Branding & Marketing

We differentiated ourselves from every other test-prep product out there, and went with a playful doctor as our mascot, though we kept the logotype serious.


Meet Stu, the hip (pun intended) doctor who saves lives by the day and hits the disco floor at night.


I explored using the usual educational motifs for a logomark, but ended up scrapping them all for the mascot Stu.

Marketing Website

Cleanliness was paramount, along with conversion staples such as clear CTAs, testimonials, etc.


Help build a startup from the ground up with a group of childhood friends? Why not. They knew next to nothing about the web or apps, and I knew nothing about the medical field, but the pull of working with old friends was strong, and so we embarked on the adventure together. The experience was exhilarating, painful, joyful, frustrating, and every other emotion one can imagine. If it can be felt, we experienced the feeling, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We built and tested, and compromised, and tested, and built some more. I hated it and I loved it.

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